Vegetarian, Now Becoming Lifestyle

Being vegetarian is a lifestyle, not following the flow of a particular religion. The main reason for being vegetarian is usually for health. But in a number of developed countries, the reasons have shifted to environmental and ethical reasons. While in Indonesia, as stated by the Coordinator of the Atma Jaya Yogyakarta Energy Study Center (UAJY) Prasasto Satwiko, vegetarians are widely considered to be related to certain religious teachings. Not yet seen as a lifestyle.

New vegetarians in developed countries now place environment and ethics as reasons, he said Thursday (10/7). The environment is used as an excuse because the use of energy to produce meat is very expensive and damaging to nature. While ethics relate to humans who should respect animals as fellow human beings. In the frame of humanity, animals should not be treated arbitrarily. Arbitrary attitudes, including vicious killing of animals, will affect behavior. Lifestyle is not about people who eat vegetables and fruits because they don’t like to eat or buy meat. “But it’s about people who eat vegetables and fruit because they like and benefit,” said the vegetarian vegetarian Prasasto.

The process of killing animals and the habitability of humans seeing the suffering of animals – especially animal consumption – has little effect on behavior. The fact that vegetarians are more able to maintain emotional stability than people who eat meat. The vegetarian lifestyle, Prasasto said, in recent years, has become a trend in developed countries such as Britain and New Zealand. But unique, New Zealand is a meat exporting country to many countries, including Indonesia.


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