Vegetarian Diet Claimed Can Reduce Risk of Early

At least one third of cases of death worldwide can be prevented by switching to a vegetarian diet. This finding is based on research conducted by Harvard Medical School scientists who were presented at the Unite to Cure Fourth International Conference at the Vatican a while ago. Indeed the studies carried out by these researchers have not been published in the journal but they dare to claim that around 10 million premature deaths per year throughout the world can be prevented.

Early death or preventable death is caused by things such as obesity, smoking, and poor diet . At present there are at least 30 million early deaths worldwide. Reducing this number to one third is certainly a big achievement. And according to the researchers, switching to a plant-based diet could be the key to reducing the early mortality rate. “We have just made a number of calculations, how to reduce mortality by switching to a healthier plant-based diet, even though it is not necessarily fully vegan, and our estimates around such deaths can be prevented,” said Walter Willett, one of the research teams involved. According to them, this plant-based diet if well-managed is known to reduce blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart attack and reduce body mass index (BMI). At the same time, research shows that eating certain red meat can increase cancer risk.

In line with Willet, David Jenkins, a researcher from the University of Toronto in Canada also conducted a study that had a correlation with the study above. He presented his observations on a lowland gorilla diet that consumed a lot of stems, leaves, grapes and fruit. When the diet is applied to humans only by serving vegetables and fruits. The results showed 35% reduction in cholesterol in two weeks. “I think people imagine that a healthy diet will only have an effect on weight loss. Even if this diet is applied correctly it will have a tremendous impact such as preventing premature death for example,” Willet concluded as quoted from Science Alert on Sunday ( 4/29/2018).

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