Vegetarian Diet Can Also Make Fat

Being a vegetarian is chosen by those who want to live healthy and lose weight. But be careful, wrong choose the vegetarian menu can actually make your weight go up. A vegetarian diet, where a person does not consume animal protein at all, can indeed provide many health benefits, such as skin becoming brighter, hair can be more radiant, energy levels tend to be more stable, to achieve ideal body weight.

However, a vegetarian diet with unbalanced menu choices can actually make the body fat. Nutritionist Monica Auslander, MS, RD, and founder of Essence Nutrition said, a vegetarian diet full of processed carbohydrate foods such as white rice and white bread will increase blood sugar levels. Whether you are vegetarian or not, consuming large amounts of processed carbohydrates causes a buildup of sugar, sugar alone can trigger fat buildup.

“Eating too much sugar can cause excessive insulin production. Insulin will store excess energy from sugar into fat cells. That’s why the body can store more fat, “he said. Auslander stressed that choosing a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is truly a decision that needs to be considered, not just just leaving meat. Eating fish is better than being a vegetarian who eats vegetable protein with lots of white rice or white bread.

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